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Learn about the artists, educators and organizations that have been particularly influential in contemporary fiber arts.

The Fiber Greats we are featuring were assembled by you, the community. Now you will have an archive that can be browsed anytime, to learn and remember the forces that shaped contemporary fiber arts and continue to help us all see and create in new ways.*

Cami Smith is our remarkable Fiber Art Now blogger who will be developing the Fiber Greats archive. She brings a host of experiences to this project.

Fiber Greats start here:

1. Susan Martin Maffei, Tapestry Artist

2. Kathryn Clark, Contemporary Embroidery Artist

3. Jane Dunnewold, Art Cloth

4. Katharine Cobey, Sculptural Knitter

5. Hollis Chatelain, Quilt Artist

6. Karen Ruane, Contemporary Embroidery

7. Adrienne Sloane, Sculptural Knitter, Mixed Media Artist

8. Anna Gunnarsdottir, Felt Maker

9. Jorie Johnson, Felt Maker

10. Rebecca Medel, Mixed Media Artist

11. The Textile Study Group of New York

12. Andrea Graham, Felt Maker

13. browngrotta arts, Gallery & Publisher






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 *Note that the Fiber Greats series is not intended to be an objective or complete primer about contemporary fiber arts. The artists we feature here were compiled directly by the Fiber Art Now community members.