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  Fiber Art Now began its road to becoming a quarterly print magazine in June, 2011. Previously, this site was an online magazine and fiber arts resource called Valley Fiber Life. Now it serves as a resource center for Fiber Art Now, offering over 80 fiber arts related articles, our online Fiber Greats series, an artist gallery, fiber videos, and resource lists.  Valley Fiber Life started in March, 2009, and this is the backstory:

At Valley Fiber Life, we value traditional forms and methods as well as innovation in the realm of fiber art and textiles.  We inspire our readers through fiber arts-related stories; connect artists, organizations and communities with each other; and consistently introduce new angles and ideas in order to enliven the world of fiber arts and encourage our readers to be creative and learn from each other. 



On a personal note...

I started VFL over three years ago, and it has been steadily growing since the beginning.  It began as a simple blog which was created to post pictures from my local quilt show.  But very quickly, I realized that there were so many fiber arts-related areas I wanted to learn about - imagine being able to contact fiber artists and fiber-related organizations (alpaca farms, felting suppliers, authors, artists, etc.) engage them, learn from them, and then tell all your friends about it.  That is really what I feel I am doing, each time I write a story, post a new resource or send out a newsletter.  I have partnered with many respected contributors/writers, and strive to create a high quality, engaging publication that rivals paper-based fiber arts magazines. 
Now I spend my time connecting with fiber artists and fiber arts organizations to spread ideas, stories and resources. 

My professional background is in publishing; I am the owner of M. Young Projects, where I help businesses with their social media development as well as lead print and online publications. 

Create, innovate and push the boundaries of your fiber arts media!

Marcia Young, Editor


 What You Will Find  

The Valley Fiber Life experience is richer and more varied than you will find in paper-based magazines; new stories are published on an ongoing basis and all content remains on the site, so you can always return to find that one artist, idea or exciting photo that piqued your interest.  The magazine is organized by 18 fiber arts-related categories. Many stories can be found in two or three areas, so you won't miss out on any content that feeds your passion. 
This new room features work by both traditional and contemporary fiber artists. It is the first stop for visitors who don't have time to read articles, but still want their daily dose of fiber.  More artists will be added each month. Imagine a gallery right in your neighborhood that exclusivey features fiber art - the Valley Fiber Life Artist Gallery is that place for you.
These sections are continuously being updated with new links and sources provided by VFL readers, contributors and writers. Visitors use the Resources or Blogs sections as a jumping off point for finding new ideas, suppliers, workshop destinations, or organizations.